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Defend the Faith by Defending the Family

Papa Bear Apologetics exists to promote Jesus Christ to the world.

But all sorts of ministries are doing this already. So, you may be wondering “Why do we need another group trying to do the same thing?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

First, we can always use more people lifting up the light of Jesus in the shadowy streets and dark alleys of the world. Every nation, neighborhood, and neighbor needs more Jesus. The need is so great, that we can all use some help getting the message out and glorifying God. Plus, it’s not as if we’ll ever finish glorifying God. If heaven has room for an eternity of praise and worship, then earth can always use a few more voices talking about the beautifully true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Second, since there are different threats against the Christian faith, there are different ways to defend it. Some people attack the Bible or church history. Others take aim at Jesus’s character, or point out hypocrisy in the church, or twist and mangle theology. Others are weaponizing science, the arts, history, or philosophy. One of the more underhanded strategies against Christianity is the attack on our families. Make no mistake, whether you are married or single, father or childless, there are powerful forces at work to prevent you from ever reaching your full potential as a man of God. Papa Bear Apologetics (PBA) prioritizes a brand of cultural apologetics where we promote the Christian faith by empowering men to bless and protect their families.

“Papa Bear Apologetics promotes the Christian faith by empowering men to bless and protect their families.”

Third, while there are tons of great apologetics organizations and all sorts of men’s ministries, there’s still a special need for serving at the intersection of these two interest groups. We are not just a “men’s ministry” or just an “apologetics group.” We’re Papa Bear Apologetics

Fourth, God ordained family first so we would be wise to put a high priority on family. Before there was an economy, a government, or a church, God first blessed the institution of marriage creating the first family on earth (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:18-25). In that way, family really does come first in God’s plan for mankind.

Fourth, our families need us right now. The marriage rate in the U.S. is lower than ever. The abortion-rate is still at crisis levels. And fatherlessness is a culture bomb exploding in clusters across the nation right before our eyes. And don’t even get me started on #toxicmasculinity and #non-binary gender.

If it’s not clear by now, we are serious about lifting up Jesus and defending the home. It’s written into our core principles. Our first core principle is: Promoting Jesus Christ to the World. Our second core principle is: Defending the historic Christian Faith. How do we do all that? Well, that’s our third core principle: Defending the Faith by Defending the Family.

Simply put, we love Jesus so much we cannot help but defend Him – defending His reputation and message – and that’s why we are passionate about defending the family. Healthy Christian families are about the strongest evidence for Christ the world has ever known.

“Healthy Christian families are about the strongest evidence for Christ the world has ever known.”

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